Calorie Consumption, 1970 - 2014

The larger, fattier American diet

Over the past 40 plus years, the amount and distribution of calories consumed in the American diet has changed significantly. The radar chart below shows how many daily calories were consumed on average per person in six categories. All but one category saw an increase from 1970 to 2014, with very significant increases in added fats and oils and grains.

Total Daily Calorie Consumption

1970: 2,016 calories

2014: 2,390 calories

This data is from a recent USDA report on food availability. The report found that Americans do not consume enough fruit, vegetables or dairy, but consume too much grains, proteins and added fats and sugars.

These trends exist in the same timeframe where household spending on food has decreased significantly - we are paying less for more, and our collective health is suffering as a result.

What is the solution? Americans must work to regain control over their own diets and cook more meals with quality, healthy ingredients.