Cooking at Home Calculator

Save money by cooking more at home

It is a lot of fun to go out to eat with friends. It's a good way to gather with friends or family, expand your culinary horizons and avoid at-home cleanup. However, people are more and more relying on fast food or takeout to provide meals for their family. These decisions are often driven by the need for cost savings or convenience. But in reality, consistently relying on these sources of foods is costly both for your pocketbook and your health.

You can use this cooking at home calculator to estimate how much you could save if you decide to cook more meals at home:

1. Family Composition

Who are you feeding?

Children (Under Age of 11)

2. Purchasing Habits

On a weekly basis, how often do you eat from each of these types of restaurants?

Fast Food/Fast Casual/Take Out Meals
Less Expensive Sit-Down Restaurant
More Expensive Sit-Down Restaurant

3. Grocery Habits

What kind of grocery shopper are you?

Low Cost
Moderate Cost
Liberal Spender

4. Reduction Goal

How much less do you want to rely on outside sources of food?

Using this plan, your family would save every week.

That's in a year!

It's not too difficult to find ways to cook just a few more meals every week at home, and small changes in your routine can add up to huge savings over time! And while sometimes you simply don't have enough time to be cooking at home, a bit of planning and cooking in advance can go a long ways.

It's important to be honest with yourself about the true investment of time and money that goes into your family's food - it's often too easy to convince yourself that takeout is the fastest, cheapest option.