Heritage Steel Cookware Product Update

Heritage Steel is a family-owned cookware manufacturer in Clarksville, TN that has maintained a commitment to keeping manufacturing in the United States. We believe strongly in US manufacturing, both for the quality jobs we can create at our factory and for the high degree of control we get over our final product. However, it is a constant challenge maneuvering the US manufacturing landscape and competing against much larger companies in the US and abroad.

One such challenge recently arose with the supplier of steel for our cookware bodies. We have relied on them for a number of years to provide our 7-ply steel with 316Ti, but unfortunately they recently discontinued all of their multiclad cookware products. We tried to find a replacement for the same steel from another source, but no such source existed. As a result, we were forced to switch to a 5-ply product with 316Ti.

We worked closely with our new supplier to develop a 5-ply steel that uses a titanium-strengthened 439 exterior. This exterior steel has corrosion resistance similar to 304 (18/10) steel and makes Heritage Steel the only multiclad stainless steel cookware whose interior and exterior surfaces are both strengthened with titanium. This product change will improve our cookware's induction-readiness while maintaining its unparalleled durability and cooking performance.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time, and we’re excited to continue to provide high quality cookware to kitchens around the world.


Happy Cooking,

The Team at Heritage Steel