Big pans are great for avoiding overcrowding your pan and promoting even browning.

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the power of surface area

Many home cooks are often stuck cooking in pans that are just too small! It's a good idea to have a selection of big pans in your arsenal.

Take a look at our selection of big pans, which are up to 45% off!

the right size for the job

Whether you're feeding a crowd or looking for leftovers, a larger pan is a great choice.

"solid & high quality"


I cooked my first meal with this wok, I must say it’s big enough to cook for six people. Easy to clean, heat distribution is perfect. Overall this is my favorite wok, good looking n a great buy! Get this you won’t regret.

Julia T.

I love this pan soooooo much, I can make an entire dinner for my husband and I in this pan, if you follow instructions for how to cook in stainless steel, the result is so fantastic I guarantee you will never go back to the non stick crap

Rupa S.

Typical excellent craftsmanship from Heritage. This wok is a versatile compliment to the 13.5 inch deep wok. Facilites faster stir frying when the high sides of the deep wok are not needed.

Greg L.

I love all of the Heritage Steel pieces (and I just about have them all) but, this pan is a workhorse when you are feeding a family. The even heating especially with a pan this large is fantastic.


The wok is solid and high quality. It can be used as nonstick wok and I don’t need to worry about the chemical coating problem. It can be easily clean and I don’t need to worry about maintenance problem. I love it.

Shirley L.

made to last

the coookware for the rest of your life

Our cookware is made with durability, versatility, and performance in mind. It will create a lifetime of beautiful meals without needing to be replaced.


At our factory in Clarksville, TN we've been making the finest stainless steel cookware for over 40 years.


We use a specialty titanium-strengthened stainless steel known as 316Ti, adding durability and performance.


Our cookware is guaranteed against manufacturing flaws. With proper use and care, it will last a lifetime.

the titanium difference

Our unique 316Ti surface protects against metal leaching and pitting.

It's the safest and most durable steel cooking surface available.

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