Why Stainless Steel?

defining the ideal cookware

“We generally want two basic properties in a utensil. Its surface should be chemically unreactive so that it won’t change the taste or edibility of food. And it should conduct heat evenly and efficiently, so that local hot spots won’t develop and burn the contents... [Multiclad stainless steel] hybrids are the closest thing we have to the ideal chemically inert but thermally responsive pan”

Harold McGee | On Food and Cooking

According to renowned food scientist and writer Harold McGee, effective cookware has two main attributes:

1. Even & Efficient Heating
2. Chemically Inert & Durable

Here we will explore how and why multiclad stainless steel cookware is the best combination of those two attributes, as well as how to evaluate the quality of multiclad stainless steel cookware.