Heritage Steel 4 Qt Saute

5 Reasons Why Cooks are Choosing Heritage Steel

Based on real reviews from real customers, here are the top reasons that home cooks are choosing Heritage Steel cookware.

They want to invest in quality

When we say our cookware is “built to last” we really mean it! Buy it once, cook with it for decades to come.

"Heirloom Quality"★★★★★ Kaitlyn T.

The set is fantastically made, they feel very sturdy in your hand and they're seriously heirloom quality… You'll never buy pots and pans again!

"Longest Lasting"★★★★★ Steve C.

Stainless cookware is far and away the best and longest lasting there is… Heritage Steel does stainless better than any manufacturer I've seen.

"Worth the Investment"★★★★★ Tyler D.

If you are considering buying stainless steel to finally ditch the PFOAs and other forever chemicals that are on non-stick cookware this is the time and company to do so with. I can’t emphasize enough that their products are worth the investment.

They’re sick of replacing nonstick pans

Stop the endless cycle of buying and replacing crappy cookware! Instead, learn to cook without sticking in stainless steel.

"Which pan is actually cheaper?"★★★★★ Steve C.

If you are used to buying cheap non-sticks that you throw out every few years, $400 seems like a lot of money, but if they last 40 years (which they will) which pan is actually cheaper? You get the point.

"The coating keeps scratching"★★★★★ Paul M.

I have been cooking using Teflon coated pans all the time. I wanted to change that cause the coating keeps scratching and eventually food starts to stick to these pans.

"Won't have to replace it"★★★★★ Alison S.

I won't have to replace it in 2 years because it's flaking into my food. It's a quality item that I won't have to replace in my lifetime.

They love the cooking performance & ease of cleaning.

With a bit of knowledge and experience, everyone can enjoy the great benefits of cooking with stainless steel.

"I love my new fry pan"★★★★★ Debra M.

I love my new fry pan. It passed one of my ultimate tests and fried my over easy eggs like a breeze.

"Heats evenly"★★★★★ Sandra S.

What a fantastic pan! First time I seared some steaks and finished it in the oven in the same pan! Pan heats evenly, cooked evenly and the clean up was so easy. I followed directions with pre heating the pan and that makes all the difference!

"Clean up is easy"★★★★★ Brenda K.

Beautiful, well crafted cookware. Cooking is a joy and clean up is easy.

"Absolutely no sticking"★★★★★ Ann P.

Since I have always had nonstick cookware I was a little apprehensive about cooking with stainless steel, but I followed the instructions and after frying eggs, there was absolutely no sticking and clean up was a breeze.

They’re looking for non-toxic cooking solutions

We don’t use any types of chemical coatings on our cookware. No PFAS, no PTFE, no PFOA, no funny business. Just good quality steel.

"Done with all the non stick"★★★★★ Nancy E.

I am done with all the non stick pans - too much controversy on the impact they have on our health.

"Thank goodness for stainless steel"★★★★★ Patti J.

Another pan to LOVE!! We threw out our aluminum pans with all the nasty toxic chemicals! Thank goodness for stainless steel and made in USA, love it.

"Very happy with the results"★★★★★ Paul M.

My eggs didn’t stick and I didn’t have to worry about getting Teflon chipping off in my food. I am very happy with the results!

"The healthiest steel"★★★★★ Nancy C.

I wanted quality stainless with the healthiest steel not to ingest toxins with my meal, which is what you get from Heritage Steel.

They want to support American manufacturing

We’re a family-owned manufacturer focused on quality over quantity. Our goal is to make world-class cookware here in the US while providing good-paying American jobs.

"made right here"★★★★★ Gordon D.

I was looking for the best stainless steel cookware I could find and after a lot of research I decided on Heritage Steel, so glad I did. Made right here in the USA in the great state of Tennessee sealed the deal.

"Quality that will last"★★★★★ Shirley F.

It’s made right here in Tennessee and not only am I happy to support MY state I love to support MY country! Quality that will last my lifetime and future generations.

"family run company"★★★★★ Frances P.

I did tons of research and decided on Heritage Steel because it is a family run company that uses local craftsmen to create a beautiful, solid and extremely well made pan.

"Insane Quality"★★★★★ Garrett L.

Insane quality. Night and day between my made in China stainless.