California Law AB1200 requires manufacturers to disclose on its website any intentionally added chemicals listed on the CA DTSC Candidate Chemical List, which may be present on any cookware surface that comes into contact with food or in the handle of the product. The presence of these chemicals does not mean that our cookware poses any health risk.

To learn more about metal leaching in our cookware and other forms of cookware, read our blog post.

 Chemical CA DTSC Authoritative List Link – For More Information
Chromium Total CA MCLs https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/
Chromium Compounds CDC 4th NER, CA TACs, OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(d) https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/
Nickel & Nickel Compounds Prop 65, IARC Car 1, CA TACs, NTP 13th RoC, OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(c) and (d) https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/
Iron CWA 303(d) https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/
Manganese Compounds CWA 303(d), CDC 4th NER, OEHHA RELs, CA TACs, CA NLs, IRIS https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/
Molybdenum CDC 4th NER, CWA 303(d), CECBP Priority Chemicals https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists/