Better materials and
smarter design.

Our cookware goes above and beyond

built to last

We've been making heritage quality cookware in the USA for over 40 years. We value quality and durability, designing our products to be used for a lifetime of cooking.


At our factory in Clarksville, TN we've been making the finest stainless steel cookware for over 40 years.


Our cookware combines the strength of stainless steel with the even and efficient heating of aluminum.


We're still serving customers who bought our cookware over 30 years ago. If you have any issues, let us know!

hammer stahl
Combining quality steel and sleek modern design, Hammer Stahl knives are functional, beautiful, and incredibly sharp.
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Loved by home cooks


Plan on replacing all my pots and pans shortly with Heritage Steel. Makes a great Difference in the kitchen.

Joseph V.

It feels and works like much pricier knives. This has been a great find.

Arindam G.

These pans are well made and heavy duty. They work really well! I am also glad to find a pan that I can support made in the USA.


I can't believe I've waited over forty years to buy a high quality set of American made pans. Not only are these pans gorgeous but they do an amazing job with cooking.

Monica L.

I purchased the 21-piece set a while ago and absolutely love all the Hammer Stahl knives. Excellent performance and razor sharp.

Michael A.

I love my new heritage frying pan it is the best pan I’ve ever had , it cooks evenly heats up great for searing, cleans up beautifully!

Patricia P.