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# of
Eater Series
Brushed 304
5 Ply Stay Cool Hollow Handle
Angular Design
Fry pans starting at $79.95
Sets starting at $329.95
Titanium Series
Mirror Polish 316Ti 5 Ply Stay Cool Hollow Handle
Rounded Design
Fry pans starting at $109.95
Sets starting at $479.95

Our Titanium Series cookware is built with a specialty grade stainless steel called 316Ti. Unlike standard 304, this steel alloy is reinforced with titanium and molybdenum to maximize its corrosion resistance properties.

It is especially adept at resisting salt pitting, making it a great option for those looking to minimize metal leaching and corrosion.

crazy good quality without the crazy high markup

There are a lot of options out there for premium stainless clad cookware. We've worked really hard to combine quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, and affordable prices, all while paying good wages to the American workers who build the product.

We believe in transparency in manufacturing & marketing. If you're going to trust us to make the tools you cook with, the least we can do is provide clarity around how our products are made, the materials we use, and what your purchase helps support.

When you buy from us, the vast majority of your purchase goes to pay for the quality materials and experienced craftsmanship we put into the product. You're supporting a small family-owned business, not some massive corporation's bottom line.

where is
it made?
10pc set
10in fry
construction manufactures their
own cookware?
Eater Series
USA $650 $90 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
Yes Family-owned small business
Based in USA
Titanium Series
$900 $130 5 Ply
316Ti Surface
USA (?) $700 $100 3 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
Yes Groupe SEB
French Conglomerate
$900 $180 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
MADE IN Italy $780 $120 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
No - Sources from
Meyer Manufacturing Co.
Venture-backed startup
Based in USA
Italy $900 $200 3 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
Yes Meyer Manufacturing Co.
Based in Hong Kong
$1,800 $320 3 Ply
NanoBond Surface
SARDEL Italy $695 $115 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
No - Sources from
Nuova HSSC Srl
Venture-backed startup
Based in USA
Belgium $1,000 $190 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
Yes Werhahn KG
German Conglomerate
France $1,000 $190 5 Ply
304 (18/10) Surface
Yes Family-owned
Based in France

Prices last updated July 2024, rounded to nearest $5. Did we get something wrong? Let us know!


All-Clad uses very specific language around where their cookware is made, saying that their cookware is "bonded, engineered & assembled in USA", but do not use the wording "Made in USA". This is likely because the US Federal Trade Commission has very strict guidelines around when a manufacturer can claim that a product is "Made in USA".

In our case, we use the "Made in USA with Global Materials" statement. The FTC calls this a "qualified statement," which is necessary given that some of the materials we use in manufacturing are imported.

For All-Clad, however, they seem to consciously avoid any type of Made in USA statement, qualified or unqualified. Why is that? It's very hard to say.

If you want to nerd out on all kinds of information about Made in USA claims you can read through the full guidelines from the FTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We use no chemical coatings of any kind, so our cookware is made without PFAS, PFOA, PTFE (Teflon), ceramic silanes, lead, cadmium, or any other crazy thing people are making cookware with these days.

No funny business here, just high quality cladded steel.

Yes! All of our cookware uses an outer layer of stainless steel that is magnetic, making it induction compatible.

Yes, our cookware is safe to use with metal utensils since we don't use any type of coating that can get scratched off. However that doesn't mean our pans are completely scratch-proof. When using metal utensils, be sure not to use anything that's especially sharp, and don't use a lot of pressure.

For everyday cooking, we recommend using wooden or silicone utensils. But for situations where metal utensils are especially useful, go ahead and use them!

We've been helping our customers maintain their cookware for over 40 years.

If any of your cookware doesn't look quite right straight out of the box, let us know! We will happily repair or replace your item at no cost to you.

If any part of your cookware ends up breaking or behaving in an unexpected way during normal cooking, just fill out a simple claim and we'll review it. As long as you're not doing anything crazy with your cookware, we'll repair or replace any pieces that have issues.

All of our cookware (including our lids) is made at our factory in Clarksville, TN. We source input materials from the US and abroad.

While we try to source from the US whenever we can, some of the specialty materials we use in our cookware aren't readily available to purchase in the US. We source our cladded steel from South Korea.

We'll always do our best to be open and transparent about our sourcing and manufacturing practices. If you have any questions, let us know!

Yes, our cookware does include nickel in its stainless steel cooking surface. Nickel is an important element in the alloy to help make the steel more corrosion resistant and durable.

For those who may be concerned about increasing dietary nickel as a result of using stainless steel cookware, there is very little need to worry. A recent study found that cooking with stainless steel results in "amounts released below known allergy-triggering thresholds". To best reduce dietary nickel, it's advisable to reduce intake of foods that are high in nickel.

Yes, our cookware does include aluminum in its core. These layers of aluminum are used to spread heat evenly and efficiently along the bottom and sides of our fully clad cookware. However, because these layers are fully sandwiched between protective layers of stainless steel, the food you're cooking will not be exposed to any aluminum.

over 40 years of american manufacturing

Running a quality-obsessed factory here in the USA is hard.

Why have we kept at it?



By making these pans right here, we get full control over all the details and processes. If something isn’t up to our standards, we can improve it. We’re continually refining our manufacturing, ensuring that every pan is reliably high quality.



We’re a small team, a good portion of which has worked here for decades. These colleagues are our friends and neighbors, and our factory relies on their expertise, knowledge, and hard work to keep producing great products year after year.

3 generations

family-owned & operated

Making and selling cookware has been the Henn family business for decades. While our product has evolved over the years, our mission has not:

Make a great product, sell it at a fair price, and pay good wages to the American workers who build it. Our aim is to craft tools that help people fall in love with cooking at home.

our history of cookware