The Recipe For

Great Cookware

My Grandpa Don started a cookware company 40 years ago with a simple idea: the tools we use in our kitchen should be beautifully crafted, easy to use, and last a lifetime.

That idea is the foundation of what we're building at our factory in Tennessee.

Every day we strive to produce cookware that is a joy to use and is a reliable companion in the kitchen for decades of home-cooked meals.

For us, the recipe for great cookware is pretty straightforward: start with the best ingredients you can find, and prepare them with great care and attention. No gimmicks or trends—just tried and true materials and methods that are proven to work.

Danny, Don & Jeff

Three generations of Heritage Steel

The recipe
behind our cookware

(It’s really pretty simple)

step 1
Start with the best ingredients

Our titanium-strengthened 316Ti steel is harder to source than the standard 304 steel. But we track it down anyways because we know that its corrosion-resistance properties lets it stand up to a lifetime of cooking without pitting.

step 2
Prepare it with care

We rely on a great team of experienced craftsmen to build our world class cookware. Every detail and process have been considered thoughtfully and are executed with great care.

step 3
Stand behind the result

We’re proud of the products we build, and we back them up with a lifetime warranty. To this day, we’ll still take on repairs of products that my Grandpa sold 30 or more years ago.

... and voilà!

you've got some darn good cookware.

get yours

we've got fans

Over 1500 5-star reviews


The old adage 'you get what you pay for' is true. Great looking and nicely balanced.

Road K.

The fact they’re made in the USA, with a very high standard in quality control was attractive. A couple other deciding factors was the rims with the curled tops make it way easier to pour contents without spilling, the cool grip handles are amazingly cool even after an hour of boiling.

Adam F.

I was trying to purge my house of Teflon... The pot is really well made and I love that it has titanium in the stainless.

Alison S.

No sticking and cleanup is fast and easy. I will be replacing other pots with Heritage steel. It is also a work of art! Could not be more pleased.

Diane C.

I love this pan! More so than the All-Clad I bought for comparison. Over the years I’ve bought several knives and frying pans for myself or my children from Heritage Steel. We’ve all been very happy.

Shirley L.

professional quality, built for home cooks

titanium-strengthened & fully clad

Our pans are made from a 5-ply combination of stainless steel and aluminum that extends throughout the body of the pan.

They're compatible with all types of stovetops, including induction.

Easy to Cook With

Ergonomically designed handles that stay cool on the stove and easy-pour rims make our cookware a joy to cook with.

Haven’t cooked with stainless steel before? No worries! We’ll teach you how to make the most of our cookware.

No Coatings, No Gimmicks

Nonstick and other types of coatings are bound to wear out and chip away.

That’s why we stick to what we know works well: solid, shiny, beautiful stainless steel.

Proudly American Made

It’s tough out there being a quality-obsessed, small-scale manufacturer like us!

But we’re proud to employ a great team here in Tennessee, and know that the direct control we have over the quality of our end product is indispensable.

The direct support of customers like you is what makes it all possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

The titanium-strengthened steel alloy we use protects against metal leaching and is built to be stable, consistent, and durable.

Unlike non-stick or ceramic coatings, it won't chip away or wear out over time, and it's much better at resisting corrosion and pitting than the more commonly used grade of stainless steel (known as 304 or 18/10).

Yes! All of our cookware uses an outer layer of stainless steel that is magnetic, making it induction compatible.
Yes - we don't use any coatings on our cookware so there's nothing to scratch off!

We've been helping our customers maintain their cookware for over 40 years.

If any of your cookware doesn't look quite right straight out of the box, let us know! We will happily repair or replace your item at no cost to you.

If any part of your cookware ends up breaking or behaving in an unexpected way during normal cooking, just fill out a simple claim and we'll review it. As long as you're not doing anything crazy with your cookware, we'll replace any pieces that have defects.

All of our cookware (including lids) is made at our factory in Clarksville, TN. We source input materials from the US and abroad.

Yes, our cookware does include nickel in its stainless steel layer. Nickel is an important element in the alloy to help make the steel more corrosion resistant.

For those who may be concerned about increasing dietary nickel as a result of using stainless steel cookware, there is very little need to worry. A recent study found that cooking with stainless steel results in "amounts released below known allergy-triggering thresholds". To best reduce dietary nickel, it's advisable to reduce intake of foods that are high in nickel.

Yes, our cookware does include aluminum in its inner layers. These layers of aluminum are used to spread heat evenly and efficiently along the bottom and sides of our fully clad cookware. However, because these layers are fully sandwiched between protective layers of stainless steel, the food you're cooking will not be exposed to any aluminum.