Non-Stick? No Need.

Here's something you may have noticed about us in comparison to other makers of cookware: we don't sell any non-stick pans. That's not a matter of oversight or inability; it's a matter of choice. Here's our reasoning behind that choice:

Non-stick doesn't last

We're proud to be able to offer a lifetime warranty for all of our cookware. It truly is a heritage-quality item that is built to last for a lifetime of great cooking. The same can't be said of any non-stick cookware: the coating simply doesn't hold up well over time. It will chip, flake, and just plain not work as well over time. While that might be great for the non-stick cookware manufacturer as you'll constantly have to replace your pans, it isn't great for you as a customer.

They have limited use

While non-stick pans should (hopefully) be good at preventing sticking, they don't do so well in a number of other tasks. They can't create fond, which is so often a critical part of building flavor in your cooking. They also can't be used at high heat, meaning you can't use them for searing. And while there have been significant safety improvements for non-stick pans, they still can release toxic fumes if overheated.

They're just unnecessary

This might be a controversial view, but 99% of the things you do in a non-stick pan can be achieved in a stainless steel pan, as long as you're using the right technique. Can you cook fish? You bet, and with a beautiful crust as well. An omelet? Absolutely. With the right temperature control and use of cooking oil, your stainless steel cookware makes a great replacement for non-stick, without any of the drawbacks.

Don't believe us? Take a look: 

@heritagesteel Who needs nonstick pans? We sure don’t! Our stainless steel cookware works great on all these recipes. Plus, it’s made in 🇺🇸, has a lifetime warranty, and uses titanium strengthened 316Ti stainless steel. #madeinusa #betterwithstainless #cooking #cookware ♬ original sound - Heritage Steel