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Plan on replacing all my pots and pans shortly with Heritage Steel. Makes a great Difference in the kitchen.

Joseph V.

It feels and works like much pricier knives. This has been a great find.

Arindam G.

These pans are well made and heavy duty. They work really well! I am also glad to find a pan that I can support made in the USA.


I can't believe I've waited over forty years to buy a high quality set of American made pans. Not only are these pans gorgeous but they do an amazing job with cooking.

Monica L.

I purchased the 21-piece set a while ago and absolutely love all the Hammer Stahl knives. Excellent performance and razor sharp.

Michael A.

I love my new heritage frying pan it is the best pan I’ve ever had , it cooks evenly heats up great for searing, cleans up beautifully!

Patricia P.